This week's weather watch word is mild. Last week's cool weather, low temperatures were below freezing for six days straight, is looking like an aberration to an otherwise warm autumn. Today will be the fourth day of December where the temperature has exceeded fifty degrees. The normal high for today is 44. It didn't even cool off to that this morning. Tomorrow is the cool day for the week. Cool is a relative term, as it looks like we will reach an above normal max of 47 degrees. High temperatures for the forseeable future are in the low- to mid-50s.

There's a good chance of light rain starting late tomorrow night and all day Wednesday. A cold front with a little bit of moisture associated with it is heading our way. Once that passes we are looking at several days of innocuous partly cloudy skies.

Have you seen the Vholoce: Weather Visualiser? We saw it mentioned a few days ago on Metafilter, and we've been captivated by it since. The visualizer takes RSS feeds of weather data for selected cities and animates them in several ways. There is prose poetry, an island with trees, molecules, a disturbing abstract animation (that's Albany's current conditions above) and videos. New York isn't one of the cities on their list, the closest you can get is Albany, Trenton or Hartford. Cities in Australia, New Zealand and Canada are also available, which makes for a wide variety of conditions to be animated. Gothamist doesn't quite buy in to their claim that it stretches "the way we understand weather data" but it entertained us for a while.