Despite being the coldest December in a decade, 2010 will end on a warm, slushy, note as today's high will be in the upper 40s under brightly sunny skies. If you want even warmer weather join the masses on the observation decks of the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center this afternoon. The warm weather is brought to us courtesy of a shallow inversion, where the temperature increases, instead of decreases, with elevation. The inversion is also responsible for the air quality alert that's in effect until midnight.

Speaking of midnight, the weather will remain on the mild side this evening. Look for a temperature in the lower 40s when the shiny ball drops in Times Square. Warm weather will continue into the new year with tomorrow's high likely to again reach the upper 40s.

You know that storm that brought craploads of rain to California and a blizzard to Minnesota this week? Yeah, well, a much-dissipated version of that system hits the New York area late tomorrow and into Sunday. There's not much left to the storm but we can expect the sky to cloud over tomorrow afternoon and there's a chance of light rain on Sunday. Happy New Year everyone!