2005_06_lightning_nyc.jpgYesterday's weather may not have been ideal for giant popsicles (note to Snapple: for your next attempt at a giant ice tower think cold and dark like these people), it was a pleasant and seasonable start to the summer. Today continues in that vein, although there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.

Speaking of thunderstorms, did you know that this is Lightning Safety Awareness Week? NOAA has all sorts of safety tips on their website, ranging from the useful (dugouts are not safe if you're coaching a little league team, your car is the safest place if lightning threatens to strike while you're at the beach), to the overly cautious (wait 30 minutes after hearing the last thunder before returning outside).

The clouds outside, and the showers they may produce, herald the passing of a wimpy cold front. It won't be much cooler tomorrow but it will be a beautiful, sunny dry day. Saturday is looking steamy. In fact, aside from Saturday, we are in for a streak of pleasant weather. Welcome to summer!

Manhattan being struck by lightning in 1979 from nyc.gov