After the last presidential election, in which nearly every candidate seemed to throw one, Political house parties are old news. Except when the candidate in question shakes up the status quo by footing the bill. Which is exactly what Bloomberg's camp has announced he plans to do.

On September 20 Bloomberg supporters are invited to attend one of the planned 1,000 house parties across the city in an effort to further solidify support for the candidate. But where historically this kind of political party is used as a fund raiser with volunteers buying party kits from candidates (the kit for a Howard Dean party back in the day cost $25.50) in the case of Bloomberg, who doesn't lack in cash, the kits will be free for volunteers.

The free kits include "buttons, stickers, balloons, confetti, absentee-ballot applications, talking points, and a DVD or VHS tape touting the mayor's accomplishments." Which sounds like the makings of an, uhm, interesting, and, uh, sober, party to us.