Well, who doesn't have an opinion about baseball legend Ted Williams' frozen head? Former Mets catcher Mike Piazza told the Daily News last night, "It's crazy....I just cannot believe the greatest hitter of all time, that his head is in a frozen cryogenic state."

Piazza had previously offered his help to Williams' oldest daughter Bobby-Jo Ferrell in her fight to retrieve her father's remains—which were sent to a cryogenics lab for preservation by her half-brother— for cremation, but apparently Ferrell stopped trying due to lack of funding Piazza hasn't heard from her recently, but said he'd be happy to help, "I just don't know why this guy hasn't been given a proper burial." Maybe because Fox Sports was just meant to create this amazing photo illustration for the playoffs (via)?

The News had excerpted parts of a book, written by former Alcor Life Extension COO Larry Johnson, with the grisly details about the slugger's body—"It was as if Ted Williams had at last lost his lifelong battle with the paparazzi. The nonessential bystanders spilled into the room, following the gurney, flashing more pictures and chatting merrily. Ted Williams' mutilation was standing room only"—and disclosed that Williams' frozen head was hit with a monkey wrench in an attempt to free a tuna can from it. Currently Alcor is suing to block the book's publication.