A plane carrying Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence skidded off a runway at Laguardia Airport. Before 8 p.m., the plane was coming in for a landing at runway 22L when it apparently hit the runway hard and then skidded off onto the grass to the perimeter fence. Update, 10/27: Both runways are reportedly open now.

No one was injured on the plane.

Politico reports, "Pence travels with a cadre of aides, Secret Service personnel and a traveling press corps. The plane is operated by a private Miami-based charter company, Eastern Airlines."

The airport is now closed.

WABC 7 reports, "ABC News Producer Ines de LaCuetara was on board the plane at the time of the hard landing. She said in a phone interview with Eyewitness News that there are two cracks now on the runway from the hard landing and subsequent skid. She added that there have been other hard landings on the Pence plane, and everyone on board thought this would be like the others, until they started skidding."

Pence's running mate, Donald Trump, has called the airport a "third world airport." Vice President Joe Biden has compared Laguardia to a third world country. The airport is undergoing a multi-billion renovation project, but, of course, that has caused its own very LGA problems (like how traffic is so bad from construction that some travelers are getting out of cabs on the highway to walk to the airport).

Update: The Port Authority issued this statement, "There were no injuries tonight when a charter plane carrying Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence and more than 30 others overshot a LaGuardia Airport runway. There was no fire and passengers are off the plane. Port Authority emergency personnel and other agencies are on the scene. No planes are landing or departing the airport at this time and airport officials are hopeful of resuming flights on one runway within 30 minutes. Passengers should check with their carriers on flight status and delays."

Also, the agency added, "One of LaGuardia’s two runways has reopened for arriving and departing flights, following tonight’s incident in which a plane overshot the runway. LaGuardia’s other runway will remain closed indefinitely pending clearing of the aircraft. There were no injuries. Passengers are advised to contact their carrier on the status of flights and delays."

This does not look too good:

Update 10/27: Both runways are reopened: