Mike Bloomberg is famous for many things during the course of his mayoralty in New York, but one of his most striking achievements (beyond oddly-inflected Spanish) is the time he led an effort to overturn term limits for elected officials. Possibly driven by his victory in that endeavor, Bloomberg recently revealed that he's also trying to overturn the ultimate term limit we all know and love, death itself.

Bloomberg, who's currently a spry and moralizing 75 years old, recently talked to Business Insider about a number of topics, including his aborted run for president (it would have been fun), Donald Trump (not a fan), Brexit (also not a huge fan) and most importantly, succumbing to the icy hand of death at an age that most humans have done so (not into at all).

"I look forward to another, I dunno, 50 years may be optimistic, but that's my objective, to live another 50 years. Nobody's done that I might point out so far," Bloomberg told the website about his desire to live to 125.

Which is correct—no one in recorded history has lived to be older than Jeanne Calment, a French woman who lived to be 122. Unless you consider the Bible recorded history, in which case Mayor Mike's ambitions to live to 125 are pathetic and small next to people like Adam, Seth and Methuselah who all lived over 900 years.

Bloomberg now joins other weird billionaires like Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos who are interested in outrunning death itself. Who can say what it is about acquiring so much money that makes you crave immortality? Maybe they've really taken that "You can't take it with you" thing to heart.