Mayor Bloomberg had announced late last week that he would be personally Twittering on his mikebloomberg account (which mainly serves as a re-election tool) on Sunday, but those plans were postponed because of Saturday's tragic collision between a small plane and a helicopter over the Hudson River. Now he's jumped onto the Tweeting bandwagon, starting the day off with: "Good morning! Trying this out during my spanish lesson. Como se dice "first tweet"?"

CityRoom pointed out that between 5 a.m. (Bloomberg's wake-up time) and 11:36 a.m., that was his only Tweet. Campaign spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said, "He tweeted once — he’ll tweet again — stay tuned!" and he did, sending two more Tweets: "Was just w/ George Soros & Gov Paterson. The question isn't how we can afford to help people in tough times - it's how we can afford not to"—reference to Paterson's bonus plan for welfare families (the Post says Bloomberg's not impressed) and "Met earlier with Twitter founder @Jack Dorsey. He said Twitter was inspired by NYC!" Dorsey also Tweeted about the meeting and also posted this photo of himself with Bloomberg.