2007_04_milhilton.jpgA family of tourists from Atlanta experienced more of New York than they probably hoped for yesterday, when an armed robber accosted them inside their hotel. According to the New York Post, the Georgia family was staying at the MIllennium Hilton, across the street from Ground Zero, when they were followed from the lobby at 9 p.m. A man described as white, stocky, and in his late 20s accompanied the man, his wife, and their 9-year-old daughter in the elevator to the 40th floor and then brandished a gun when the husband was unlocking the door to the family's room.

Once inside, the man tied up the family with rope and at least a pair of handcuffs.

He then grabbed an undetermined amount of cash, several pieces of jewelry and computer equipment before fleeing from the room, cops said.

The family was unharmed.

We've been to the Millennium Hilton and noticed that unlike many New York hotels that restrict elevator access to those who can provide room keys, anyone can use the elevators to gain access to upper floors of the Millennium. We imagine this is because the hotel's Church & Dey restaurant is located on the 3rd floor and access by the public is necessary. It'll be interesting to see if the hotel will change its policy or beef up its security after this push-in-robbery incident.