Brooklyn Brewery; Photo: Tien Mao

Say it ain't so! The Brooklyn Brewery may have to move neighborhoods. Their current facility, opened in 1996, is located in the Brewer's Row section of Williamsburg - a 10 square block area that used to contain several breweries before Prohibition.

The Brewery wants to expand their operation in Brooklyn by producing more beer in their factory and bottling the beer in the factory. The problem is that Williamsburg has become a popular residential area. Attempts to buy some of the industrial buildings surrounding their facilities have failed because all owners are holding out for better offers from developers of the luxury condo ilk. Other sites that Brooklyn Brewery are considering include piers 6 and 7 off of Atlantic Avenue and some locations in Red Hook. As long as it remains in Brooklyn, Gothamist will be happy - there's only so much pain a borough can go through (the Dodgers...the demise of the navy industry...joining NYC...). Slap the other borough names in front of "brewery" and it doesn't quite have the same cachet.

The photo above is from Tien's visit to Brooklyn Brewery's weekly Friday happy hour.