Yesterday morning, on Sixth Avenue outside the Hilton hotel in Midtown, three people were injured after a taxi hit another cab and started a chain reaction with two other cabs. A witness told the Times, "Taxi No. 1 hit taxi No. 2, which hit taxi No. 3, and then taxi No. 4" at 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue. Taxi No. 4 then hit a female pedestrian - police think the driver hit the gas instead of the brake when panicking - clipped a male pedestrian, and then crashed into a fifth cab across 53rd.

Louisa Tate, a 63-year-old visiting from North Carolina, was hit by the fourth cab, and a witness told the Post, "She landed on the hood, hit the windshield and then hit the street." Tate is in critical condition at Cornell Weill. The male pedestrian, Michael Uthoff, told the Daily News his training as a dancer helped him escape: "I heard someone scream. Then a cab was about 5 feet from me. I jumped up and back. I was a foot away from being crushed." He had a shoulder injury, cuts and bruises. And the driver of the fourth cab was in stable condition for his injuries.

It's unclear what caused the first cab to hit the others, but there were no arrests or summons.

Photograph of a taxi crash last fall by Danielle Zalcman on Flickr