The man suspected of fatally stabbing a man outside the midtown's James Farley Post Office on Sunday afternoon was apparently found dead at his girlfriend's apartment yesterday. The police had identified the suspect as Sir'mone McCaulla, 28, yesterday morning and police think his body was found in a Philadelphia apartment hours later.

NYPD photo of Sir'mone McCaulla

The Daily News reports, "NYPD detectives rushed to Philadelphia, where the body of a man thought to be Sir'mone McCaulla, 28, was found in his ex-girlfriend's apartment, slumped in a tub with a plastic bag over his head. Sources said a television cable box was found on his chest, suggesting he electrocuted himself. A relative of McCaulla said the family was told he was dead - but NYPD cops said they were still investigating. A Philly source, however, said authorities believe the body is McCaulla's."

Sunday's violent incident shocked many, since it happened in broad daylight on busy Eight Avenue near 33rd Street, across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. Christopher Gutierrez, 20, had apparently bumped into McCaulla and the pair got into a fight, based on surveillance video. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly described, "The victim takes his coat off, looking like they're going to have a fistfight. Indeed, the victim assumes a stance like a fighter... The perpetrator does something of a similar nature, but has something down by his side, which turned out to be a knife." Then McCaulla lunged at Gutierrez, stabbing him a few times. McCaulla initially walked away but then returned to pick up his cellphone.

A German tourist managed to take photographs of McCaulla, which the NYPD then shared with the public. It turned out that another police officer recognized McCaulla from army service in Kuwait. The Post adds, "Army officials were unable to provide detailed information on McCaulla's service. In late 2008, he passed the FDNY exam and is on the waiting list. He worked as a FedEx deliveryman in The Bronx as recently as April, but was fired for allegedly stealing packages, according to court records. McCaulla had two other arrests, for robbery and assault."