This might be why Gothamist tries to avoid Times Square and the Herald Square areas: The man who stabbed someone who bumped into him was apprehended after he stabbed two people at a Penn Station T.G.I. Friday's. What's more, 58 year-old James Nettles had been convicting of killing a man in 1974. Nettles's rampage started on Thursday, after stabbing a different man at the same T.G.I. Friday's (some "fleeting argument" that resulted in a punctured liver for the victim). On Saturday afternoon, he stabbed a father in the neck after bumping into the stroller (and the dad was with his 2 and 5 year-old kids, who were freaked out when they saw him bleeding). Later that night, he hit Penn station, where the National Guard and MTA police apprehended him after stabbing the T.G.I. Friday's employees. It's unclear if Nettles is mentally ill, though he was living at Bellevue's homeless shelter. All Gothamist can possibly suggest, as the stabbings were pretty radom, is try to keep to yourselves when walking around and try not to make eye contact - sometimes the city is scary.

There was a stabbing rampage near Herald Square last May.