A psychiatrist managed to defend himself against a man who brutally attacked him in his home office with a knife and sledgehammer yesterday morning. And it turns out that Dr. Michael Weiss's attacker is the cousin of Weiss's ex-girlfriend/mother of his child.

According to the Daily News, Jacob Nolan was visiting Weiss at his home-and-office on West 57th Street, "Nolan, 20, used Weiss’ bathroom, only to emerge with the sledgehammer and slam Weiss. He then whipped out a knife and stabbed Weiss over and over, cops said." Weiss was able to get the knife and stabbed Nolan in self-defense.

The victim's sister told the News, "It's unbelievable someone would attack my brother so viciously. My brother is a loving, caring upstanding guy who would never hurt anyone." The Post adds, "Nolan, 20, was not one of Weiss’ patients, according to cops. He is the cousin of Weiss’ former girlfriend, with whom he has a child. The fight involved paying tuition fees."

Weiss and Nolan were both treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Nolan was charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon.