As if it weren't expensive enough to park your car in midtown, a garage attendant has been accused of stealing customers' credit card information with a skimmer, then using the data to make big purchases at B&H.

Prosecutors say Chinoy Shaw, 27, an employee at Eastway Tenant Parking on 49th and 7th, was part of a seven-person scam ring that operated out of city garages between September and November of last year. Shaw allegedly swiped data off more than 50 customers' cards, using them to make counterfeit cards. And since everybody's down with iCrime these days, prosecutors allege that Shaw and his cohorts then purchased $36,000 worth of Apple products like iPads and Macbook Pros at B&H.

The ring is also accused of charging the counterfeit cards at Home Depot, Verizon and gas stations. They've racked up a hefty list of charges, including conspiracy, grand larceny, identity theft and criminal possession. And this isn't the first time customers have had their credit card data stolen via skimmers—last year, waiters at a number of upscale restaurants were accused of using skimmers to steal information that was then used to make luxury purchases.