The tiny Tramway Plaza park on the Manhattan side of the Roosevelt Island tram apparently has a big rat problem. But don't worry, the East Midtown Partnership BID is on it. And their solution does not involve blueberry glaze and a thin piece of bread. Nope, they're just going to kill them all.

DNAinfo reports that, after staying out of the park for its first six years of life, the Partnership has finally decided to pitch in. "It’s becoming increasingly clear we really need to form a collaborative relationship [with Parks] to address the situation," the BID's president Rob Byrnes tells them. "Parks’ resources are stretched to the limit, but the resources of the pigeon lady are not."

As you can guess, one of the major problems in the park appears to be a "pigeon lady" who overfeeds the birds in the area which, as the signs in the park make clear, in turn "breeds rats." To that end the BID has met with Parks and is hoping to implement a six-page plan of action later this month. "They plan to sweep there more often, position one of their security officers in the park to discourage bird feeders and hire more exterminators." They also want to plant trees that are less tasty for the vermin and provide fewer nesting options.

But the big way to fight the rodents is rat poison, which was recently spread around the bit of green (DNAinfo found a few dead rats on their recent trip there, in fact). Hopefully no hawks will be feeding nearby—because that can go quite badly. Still, the neighbors are happy about the news: "It is out of control and really disgusting," Judith Berdy, president of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, told DNA. "I feel bad about the visitors coming to Roosevelt Island having to see all those rats. You look in the tree beds and see their giant holes. It’s like condominiums."

"If you come to the park after Labor Day, you’ll see dramatic physical changes and in ambience," Byrnes says. "I’ve got professional horticulturalists who will develop a plan over the few months after we get the rodent population under control."