2006_06_money.jpgBrazilian Andreia Schwartz, arrested two weeks ago for running a prostitution and drug ring, was singing like a canary during her arraignment. She named two of her big clients - previously mentioned Time Warner executive Wayne Pace and Robert Voccola, bigwig at a Barrett Associates - and what they gave her:

I wouldn't have kept having sex with [Pace] or any of these guys if they weren't paying me...I got up to $200,000 ... from just one guy, who worked for AOL, in cash, mortgage payments, checks and other things...

[Regarding Voccola]: We have sex once or twice a week over the past year and a half. He's given me about $50,000 a year in cash, mortgage payments, checks and other things. He also gave me a credit card and financial advice, telling me where to invest.

And apparently Voccola was there when the police busted Schwartz and other hookers at her apartment - naturally, his wife is totally pissed and his company is investigating his activites. The prosecutors say that Schwartz "grossly underreported her income," since she said she made $1.5 million in the past five years. But know this: Schwartz didn't "do guys for money anymore. I only do girls." by the time the police caught up with her.