Every so often, Gothamist gets email from readers in Midtown asking if we've heard any news of a bomb threat, as their building is being evacuated or they can see the bomb squad headed across the street, but as we're still waiting for our police scanner, we usually don't know unless we see it on NY1. The NY Times has an article about the bomb squad's Midtown visit freguency: 350 suspicious packages, with only 10 getting "dynamically disrupted" by a nonexplosive device. Most recently, the bomb squad "disrupted" a package next to the Starbucks at 295 Madison Avenue. No!! Not the Starbucks at 9:30AM in the morning! The package turned out to be an electronic switch. Doh! Someone was screwed when he got to work in the morning.

Have you noticed many bomb scares in your work neigbhorhood? We don't seem to hear about as many downtown in the Financial District. Interesting educational fact: The disrupter is a "form of water cannon that fires a three-ounce shot of water that can obliterate briefcases, luggage and even metal boxes." Earlier this year, there were some explosions outside the British Consulate, and last year, a police officer planted a subway bomb in Times Square in order to play hero. And just last week there was a bomb scare at Astor Place.