The shocking broad daylight shooting of a Los Angeles man as he walked on West 58th Street this month may have been the result of a drug deal gone bad, police sources tell DNAinfo, surprising no one. According to the website, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine was paid for by a Queens drug crew, but a group of west coast dealers never delivered. "It is really not a homicide investigation," one source says. "It has become a major narcotics case involving a big operation and substantial money, perhaps millions of dollars."

L.A. resident Brandon Woodard, the victim of the brazen shooting, was a "middleman" in the drug deal that went bad, according to DNAinfo's source, who adds, "The Los Angeles guys thought they were tough, and could f--- with the boys from New York." No arrests have been made, but investigators are reportedly narrowing in on the driver of the getaway vehicle, which was rented in Queens by a woman who claims she loaned it to another man, who says he loaned it to someone else.