A woman crossing the street yesterday was killed by an oncoming delivery truck in Midtown. The victim, Veronica Williams, was crossing from in between two parked vans as the truck came down the street. The truck hit Williams and dragged her "to death" according to witnesses; one told the Daily News the truck had accelerated, "[Williams] was yelling 'Hey, Hey!' but I guess he didn't see her and next thing I knew she was down the block." The driver wasn't charged for a crime, but was issued a summons because of equipment violations. Stories like these remind Gothamist that jaywalking is more dangerous than we tend to think. Even if the truck had been speeding, crossing from between parked vehicles, especially taller ones like vans, makes it hard to see what traffic might be coming.

Transportation Alternatives on pedestrian advocacy. And remember when Giuliani was trying to crack down on jaywalkers?