Gawker reported this brides gone even more bridezilla-y PR stunt for the new WE show, Bridezillas, this morning in Times Square, and Amy's Robot even visited and took some pictures. The promotion was to (1) dress up in a bridal gown and (2) hunt for a $50,000 check in a wedding cake. Upon seeing even more pictures from the WE site (and there's video), Gothamist wondered the following things:
- Did the brides get their dresses at Kleinfeld's?
- Is $50,000 even going to cover a decent NYC wedding for at least 100 guests?
- Did they take off their engagements rings while in the tussle?
- Was Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller shuddering in disgust?
- Will there be a follow-up show, Bridesmaid's Tale, with bridesmaids being put through the paces with terrible dresses and organizing bridal showers and bachelorette parties?

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