An employee at a bodega in Midtown was punched in the face yesterday by a man who stole lottery tickets from him.

The NYPD says that at around 12:18 p.m. yesterday, a man entered the Printon 56 deli/bodega on 56th Street near 6th Avenue and asked the clerk to help him fill out a lottery ticket. While the clerk tried to assist him, the man allegedly began to punch him in the face, eventually knocking him out. The suspect then reached over and stole a handful of lottery tickets and fled the location.

The clerk, identified by media outlets as Krishenendu Dui, was treated by paramedics at the scene. "He punched me, and for a few seconds I just pass out, I just feel nothing," Dey told CBS 2. "He gave me the card and that time he punched me."

The robbery was captured on surveillance tape, and police are investigating. "Thank God he's recovered and he's okay but it's scary for the next person this is gonna happen to, it's very upsetting. Very unsettling," bodega owner Andrea Singer, told ABC 7.

No arrests have been made.