Ladies, meet Martin Berres, a 62-year-old single man who describes himself on his MySpace page (martynycforever!) as a "classy native New Yorker." His heroes include Niccolò Machiavelli, and he is "in better shape and health than most men 1/3 my years. Do not let the age mislead you; I am young in heart and looks... I consider myself to be a find." Marty would love to meet you provided you meet the "paramount" requirement of "outside beauty" and "inside beauty." Oh, and you should also have lots of money and jewelry he can pawn—according to two women who say Berres swindled them out of $400,000.

In May, Berres was arrested for allegedly stealing $10,000 from a girlfriend on the Upper East Side, by withdrawing the cash from her Chase account. How classy is that? The victim says she met Berres on JDate and saw him romantically for a few years, on and off. When she confronted Berres about the withdrawal, he allegedly told her, "Don't do anything stupid, I'll get you the money, don't go to the police or you'll never get your money." She told the Post, "He comes off like a very nice guy, working hard, made some mistakes in the past."

On Monday, Berres was busted for allegedly swindling another woman he'd been living with in Chelsea. Detectives say he used her identity to steal $360,000 from her bank accounts and credit cards, and tried to pawn her 7-carat diamond necklace earlier this month. He's charged with grand larceny and is stuck behind bars on $100,000 bail. But surely some kind, generous woman with outside and inside beauty will come to his aid?