Not much new to report right now, except that most people who tried hard to get to work (woke up early, stood in the cold while waiting for a cab) have probably streamed into the office by now. The MTA and Transport Workers Union are in court this morning; Newsday reports, "They were set to decide when the union should face criminal contempt proceedings for violating the state's Taylor Law, which makes the strike illegal." Hmm. What are the odds of this strike going on for another day? Gothamist can't imagine the strike extending into the weekend, what with holiday travel, but with a governor like Pataki, who needs governors?

How long do you think the strike will last? And we expect to see many news stories tonight and in the coming days about the "noble commuter" who walked to work, or the "new friends made" because strangers are sharing cabs.
In other news, Peter Braunstein is back in New York (ha ha - the transit strike knocked his story out of the lead position!) and a Pennsylvania court barred intelligent design teaching from the classroom (will the Christians let us say "Hallelujah"?).

Photograph from sgoralnick on Flickr, via Gothamist Contribute