At the Nokia Theater in Time Square last night, Microsoft officially launched Vista and Office 2007 to the US masses. It was here in New York City, twenty-four years ago, that the software behemoth first announced their commitment to a GUI interface. Last night, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer rattled off stats and spiel in a setting where even the escalator bolts were Vista branded!

The much often-delayed and joked-about OS comes with 1.5 million drivers out of the box and is being released in 70 countries. Microsoft had over 5 million beta testers, so they're hoping you have the confidence and security to buy it now. Vista's slick new Aero UI with advanced parental controls and security protection hopes to usher in a new era of Windows domination.

Our advice would be to wait a bit and see how everyone else does first. Standing on line in the freezing January cold for this release party, one thing was very clear - we're just glad Apple isn't launching its OS till Spring. Or perhaps it's fitting that Microsoft that has its users waiting in the bitter cold.