Michael Douglas and his ex-wife Diandra are back in court, but this time they're not watching their drug-addicted and dealing son get sentenced to time behind bars. The actor's 52-year-old ex—who was recently blamed for some of her son's problems—wants a cut of the Wall Street 2 money Michael is about to get.

According to the NY Post (which has an amazing photo to go along with the story), in their 2000 divorce settlement Michael and Diandra agreed that she gets half of any money Michael earns from movies he was in during their 20 years of marriage and any spin-offs he does ever.

The actor's lawyer claims a spin-off is not a sequel, and Wall Street 2 is the latter; she also noted that Michael "doesn't want her to be an albatross around his neck forever." As it is, she's already (allegedly) received $45MM as part of their divorce deal.