Now that he's been benched for Greg McElroy and received death threats from devoted fans, it's safe to say that Mark Sanchez's days in NYC are numbered—whether or not the team will bite the bullet on his big contract next season remains to be seen. But it's not like they're just going to drop Sanchez for some big name, jersey-selling, has-been quarterback like they did in 2008 with Brett Favre. Oh wait, this is the Jets we're talking about—which is why we should all be very nervous now that Michael Vick has reportedly shown interest in coming here.

According to a report on, the 33-year-old Vick believes he has another four years left in the NFL and wants to be a starter wherever he goes—and that definitely won't be Philadelphia, now that he's been dropped to backup behind rookie Nick Foles following a concussion in November. "I have a lot of football left in me, a lot left in my tank...the future will take care of itself," Vick told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Vicks reportedly would only sign with the Jets if he was the clear #1 starter, ahead of Sanchez, or McElroy, or that other guy who would only start a Jets game over Rex Ryan's slightly thinner dead body. Based on his love of all things Tebow, it wouldn't be surprising if owner Woody Johnson were interested in bringing The Vick Show to town; but thankfully, the NY Post points out that because of the money they owe Sanchez, it'd be pretty difficult financially to get Vick as well. Unless, of course, the Jets were able to pull some sort of quarterback swap with Philly...but even Gang Green couldn't be that butthurt to pull that off, right?