Remember Michael Grimm? The Michael Grimm who, as a sitting member of Congress representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, told a NY1 reporter "I'll break you in half."? The Michael Grimm who was jailed for tax evasion after hiding millions of dollars in revenues and employee wages at his health food restaurant, Healthalicious. That Michael Grimm now reportedly wants to get back into the game of politics!

"Sources" told Grimm's old foes at NY1 that the disgraced former member of Congress has been telling political leaders on Staten Island that he wants to run for his old seat, which would mean running in the primary against his replacement, former Staten Island DA and current Republican Rep. Dan Donovan.

Grimm told the channel that he hasn't made any decision about his immediate future yet, but that he does intend to run again at some point and that "people" want to see him run.

One such person who doesn't want to see that is the chairman of the Staten Island Reform Party, Frank Morano. Upon hearing the Grimm news, Morano put out a statement calling Grimm "a total disgrace" and a sociopath:

On the other hand, we live in a world where Hiram Monserrate is being taken seriously as a City Council candidate, so maybe it's time to really embrace this whole kakistocracy thing.