Disgraced former Staten Island Congressman/Donald Trump superfan Michael Grimm is attempting a comeback, having recently declared he'll be running for Congress despite serving eight months in prison for tax evasion. Grimm's hitched his wagon to Trump's star in an attempt to win over pro-Trump Staten Islanders—57 percent of Richmond County voters cast their ballots for Trump—cheering the President for allegedly "draining the swamp," and even posing for photos with Steve Bannon. He's also, apparently, a big fan of Trump's "massive" hands, which, honestly, goes a tad too far.

Grimm got a profile in NY Mag yesterday that covered his comeback attempt, political allies and enemies, and fitness routine. But it also contained this little nugget:

Grimm admits he’s only met Trump a few times, and never in a meaningful way. As a congressman, he’d visited the president’s Trump Tower office as a formality more than anything else, just like every other New York politician. But his impression of Trump, he told me, was a lasting and positive one — so positive, in fact, that if the president were the kind of person who paid close attention to his press coverage, he might come across Grimm complimenting him effusively.

“I remember saying to myself, I never realized what a large man — I mean stature-wise, he’s a big man, with massive hands,” Grimm said, outstretching his own regular hands above the table. “I don’t have small hands, but when I shook hands with him, the first time I shook hands with him, I realized he was a big man.” He sensed my skepticism. “He is!” he said, defensively. “I thought they were pretty big. You don’t think so? I thought he had a big, strong grip. I’m dead serious.” He went on about how Trump is “a pretty big guy” and “not a small man even for his height” and how his hands were “more like a workman’s hands” than those of “a CEO.”

There has been much debate over the size of Trump's hands, though the President has repeatedly insisted his hands are not small. It appears Grimm agrees, or maybe Grimm knows size is all relative, and anyway all you need is a strong core to chuck a reporter off a balcony.