A knock on the Hillary Clinton campaign this election cycle is that she's played it a little too safe. There's real economic pain and anger out on the streets, and the last thing people really want to hear is some rich person telling them that everything will be alright. Well, Clinton has heard your cries and responded as you might expect, welcoming Mike Bloomberg to the Democratic National Convention to give a speech endorsing her on Wednesday night, according to a report by the New York Times.

Bloomberg, whose own potential presidential candidacy went over as well as a strippergram at a funeral, is being brought aboard by the Clinton campaign to appeal to moderate Republicans and radical centrists who are uncomfortable voting for Donald Trump. Bloomberg will reportedly tout Clinton's leadership qualifications as viewed by one of the richest men in the world, which is apparently how you clinch that crucial billionaire voting block.

Bloomberg's speech on Wednesday night, the same night President Obama and Vice President Biden are due to deliver their speeches, will reflect "his distinctive set of political views rather than a boilerplate Democratic message," according to the Times. The Sanders delegates on the convention floor are sure to love it.