The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released the name breakdown yesterday for the the 124,099 babies born in New York City in 2004 and the numbers are pretty crazy. Michael and Emily are still the top names, but not by nearly the same margins that they once were. As the Times put it:

New York City has had more baby girls named Fatoumata than Lisa, more Aaliyahs than Melissas, more Chayas than Christinas. There have been more baby boys named Moshe than Peter, more Miguels than Jefferys, more Ahmeds than Stanleys.

Gothamist always gets a kick out of name statistics and every time we read about them we find ourselves going back to the the Baby Name Wizard NameVoyager. And if you haven't read Freakonomics yet, there is a great excerpt on Slate about the fate of California children with "super-black" names. Finally, in case you were curious, there were 27 Katrinas born in New York last year.