2004_07_worange.jpgToday is going to be (pardon the expression) butt-hot and sunny, high of 87.

In case you haven't caught the cold that's been going around, let me debrief you: It starts with waking up thinking your throat is scratchy from turning the AC on too high and just spirals downward from there. Stiff neck, general tingliness and goofiness, fatigue, fever...you get good doses of these before the thing moves on to your respiratory system and produces insane quantities of green, well, you know.

Anyway, my nightly doses of Nyquil prevented me from waking up these past couple of days in time to ponder, "Whither the jet stream?" But I think I've made it to the other side, so, hello again.

The Florida Department of Citrus has issued a press release to remind you that if you catch a cold in the summer, you should drink orange juice! If you can get past the marketing, they have an interesting chart that shows you how to telll if you're suffering from allergies, or something more sinister.