2007_01_ikearubble.jpgHmm, it must have been some dump truck that stole 500,000 pounds of concrete and brick from the site of the future Red Hook Ikea. The Daily News reports that the leftovers after demolishing 10 Civil-War era buildings is considered a larceny by the police. The 300 cubic yards of rubble had been there for months and was intended to be used as fill; if Ikea has to buy new fill, it may be very expensive. Still, Ikea doesn't believe the missing fill will impact the projected 2008 store opening.

There have been some questions about whether the rubble at the site was toxic. The Red Hook Civic Alliance notes that since asbestos and other hazardous materials have been found at the site, there should be an investigation, but the state Department of Environmental Conservation says when it tested the fill, it was clean.