Law-enforcement sources say the Mexican government is working with officials in New York to hunt down the the man suspected of fatally stabbing a youth soccer coach on W. 14th St. earlier this month, just a few days after NYPD officers returned from Mexico post-unsuccessfully attempting to capture the alleged killer.

"The Mexican authorities were provided a detailed overview of the case and pledged their cooperation," Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told the Daily News. He said the authorities "have begun looking" for Orlando Orea, the man suspected of slashing New York Red Bulls youth coach Michael Jones, 25, to death on Oct. 7. Orea, 32, fled to his native Mexico just hours before police identified him as a suspect in the stabbing on Oct. 9, and officials say they think he might be hiding in his hometown, Puebla.

Though three NYPD officers went to Mexico to try to track Orea down, Mexican authorities said earlier this week that they were not given Interpol clearance to begin an investigation; authorities now say the search is underway, after a meeting on Monday between NYPD officials and Mexican Interpol head Carlos Diaz de Leon Martinez. "We were dealing with the highest levels of the Mexican government, which was trying to conduct this investigation quietly so we don't scare off the perp," one source told the Post. Orea, who lived in Queens, is suspected of stabbing White Plains resident Jones after mistaking him for a man who intervened in a bar fight earlier that night.