The Yankees may be pursuing an ace, negotiating with a captain, and waiting to hear back from a long-time member, but the Mets just want someone to call the shots on the field. The team is deep into their managerial search, having interviewed several candidates over the past two weeks since Sandy Alderson was appointed new team GM.

According to ESPN, Terry Collins, Clint Hurdle and Bob Melvin have emerged as the top three candidates; all three have served as managers of major league clubs previously. The Post reports that Collins, who managed the Houston Astros from 1994 to 1996 and the then-Anaheim Angels from 1997 to 1999, is the current favorite. Brooklyn Cyclones manager Wally Backman is no longer a likely managerial candidate, but could end up moving up within the organization nonetheless. Whoever the Mets hire, they will have to be adept at disguises if they truly want to make it in this town. And if they play their cards right, they could end up having a shrine erected to them in Japan in their post-Mets career. Hey, it's happened before.