Clearly, the Mets hate Newark. Rather than let the largest Jersey city enjoy a year of being home to a AAA team, the Mets have exercised their territorial rights and blocked the Yankees' Scranton, Pennsylvania, farm team from spending a year playing in Newark while its Scranton-Wilkes Barre stadium undergoes renovations.

Though negotiations were just getting going between the Yanks, the stadium and the Jersey government, nothing could proceed without the okay of the Mets and they were decidedly not okay with the idea. So no Triple-A for Newark! Met owners "supposedly fear that a temporary Triple-A team in Newark would eat into their suburban fan base." Suuurrreeee. “Having a Triple A team here would have revitalized the area and the stadium,” Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr., the executive of Essex County (which owns the stadium where the team would have played) told the Times. “What makes me sick is it’s just a year, not a 20-year contract.”

The Yankees reportedly even offered the Mets a promise not to veto a similar year-long arrangement if they were to want one, but the troubled team declined. Better luck next time, Newark!