[UPDATE BELOW] The daring streaker who charmed America by dashing out onto Citi Field during Tuesday night's Mets game could get up to a year in jail! After his arrest, 38-year-old Craig Coakley of Whitestone, Queens reportedly told police, "I didn't think I was gonna get in so much trouble. It was a bet. My boss said he would pay me a week's worth of salary if I did it and my lawyer told me it's only a misdemeanor." But back in 2003 the City Council passed the so-called Calvin Klein law to impose harsher punishments on fans who disrupt sporting events; the bill was prompted by the designer's bizarre, drug-fueled attempt to chat with Latrell Sprewell on the court during a Knicks game. (In 2005, the city implemented even tougher penalties.)

In a flash of inspiration yesterday, Queens DA Richard Brown employed a baseball analogy in explaining the severity of the charges: "As the defendant sadly learned... one streak equals three strikes and you're out—out of the ballpark and on your way to the courthouse to face arraignment on criminal charges. The Queens District Attorney's Office and the New York Mets have zero tolerance for those who interfere with the play of America's pastime."

Coakley was released on $1,000 bail yesterday after being charged with third-degree criminal trespass and interference with a professional sporting event. If convicted, he could also be forced to pay up to $5,000 in fines, and he's been barred forever from Citi Field. The Post reports that Coakley declined to speak to reporters outside the court house, saying only, "I want to go home and get some sleep—and lets go Mets, baby!"

UPDATE: Coakley's boss John Musella speaks! And he's contradicting his employee's assertion that they had a bet, telling 1010 WINS there never was any wager. (Also, he'd like everyone to know this was the first time he saw Coakley naked.)

This could get ugly (uglier?)—the Post now quotes Coakley send a message to his boss through the media, saying, "John, I better get paid." Musella insists "it was not a bet or a dare. I told him, 'You're crazy. You're going to get arrested.'" But according to the always-punning Post, at least Musella isn't firing Coakley: "'He's still welcome here as long as he keeps his clothes on,' the plumber cracked. 'He's a pretty stable guy -- for the most part.'"