The Mets are sorry you guys. What do they have to do to get you to forgive them? You want them to apologize for sucking? Done. You want them to fire their manager and general manager? Done. Hire a new GM who pioneered the use of sabermetrics and seems to have actual baseball acumen? Done. Get rid of Eddy Curry's sinkhole of a contract? Wrong team. What else can they do?? Refund your money for watching them annually disappoint?

Well yes. That is exactly something people would want. And while it's not exactly that, the Mets announced today that they will lower ticket prices for next year. Citi Field tickets will cost an average 14 percent less in 2011, with prices of some seats slashed nearly 40 percent. The absolute cheapest upper deck tickets may go up by a dollar—but last season, you could literally show up at the stadium and get a free upper deck ticket if you asked around. Attendance was down by 18 percent during last years woeful season.

The team has also begun interviewing possible managers, starting with in-house candidates Bob Melvin, who coached the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2005-2009, and Dave Jauss. Other internal candidates will likely include third-base coach Chip Hale and Class A Brooklyn manager Wally Backman. Now, if only they could figure out how to rehabilitate K-Rod, get Jose Reyes to produce consistently, and invent a time machine to go back to Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS and tell Beltran to swing at a damn pitch, maybe things would truly be square in Metsland.