Chipper Jones—better known around these parts as "Laaaaaarry"—has really been nothing but a pain in butt for the boys from Flushing over the last 19 years or so. And yet, there is real love between Larry and Mets fans—for Larry, he's played some of his best baseball against the Mets, with a .314 batting average, 49 home runs and 158 RBI's against the team (he even named his kid "Shea"). As for the Mets...well, Mets fans need someone they love to hate. And in that spirit, the Mets gave Larry the above piece of, um, kitschy artwork as a retirement gift.

Larry has been on something of a retirement tour this season—he's been given various gifts from teams around the league all year, including a cowboy hat from the Houston Astros, Yankee Stadium's third base from the Yankees, a Stan Musial jersey from the St. Louis Cardinals, and even a surfboard from the San Diego Padres. So this painting by Charles Fazzino, which features a "Larrry" sign down the right field line,'s no surfboard, that's for sure.

With Larry in town this weekend for his final series in NY, he's been waxing nostalgic with reporters about his years playing against the team: “For the most part, everyone’s been very gracious, been very nice,” Jones told reporters at a press conference. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, ‘Yo Chippa, you’re beatin’ up on my Mets...How you doin’, Chippa?’” He also reflected on his excitement and nervousness over playing in NY for the first time:

I always held New York to a higher standard than other cities. I was jacked up to play there...I was intimidated. I’m from a one-caution-light town in the middle of nowhere, and now you’re going to drop me in the middle of Manhattan? I was so scared for the first four or five years I went there.

Jones also admitted that “if I was a New York Mets fan, I don’t know how I’d feel about me.” He also recalled some special memories from playing at Shea Stadium: “I’ll always remember the first game after 9/11, when Piazza hit that homer,” he said of Mike Piazza’s game-winning home run in the first game at Shea after 9/11. He also got stopped at the airport once because of that:

I still have the shell casings from the 21-gun salute that night. I picked them up out in left field, where I was playing then. I carry them around with me all the time. I almost got arrested once when I was in an airport and forgot to take one out of my bag. I had to explain to them what happened — ‘I’m Chipper Jones, I play for the Braves, and there was this game in New York ...’

In honor of Larry, midtown sports bar Foley's Pub and Restaurant has renamed itself Chipper's for the weekend. "While Chipper has broken the hearts of many Mets fans over the years, New Yorkers are as knowledgeable as anyone and they know greatness when they see it—even when it resulted in disappointment for their hometown team," they said in a statement online.