One week after news surfaced that Tony Bernazard, Mets VP of Player Development challenged the Mets' AA farm team to a fight and is generally out of control, the Mets fired the hot head. The Post is reporting that Bernazard has been fired and that the move will be announced at the team's 3:30 press conference. No news on whether Minaya has plans to announce his own firing at the press conference as well.

Update: In this afternoon's press conference announcing Tony Bernazard's firing, Omar Minaya said that he fired the VP of Player Development this morning after a thorough investigation. Minaya also said that an investigation into Bernazard was already underway before Adam Rubin wrote in the Daily News about Bernazard challenging the AA Binghamton Bees to a fight. The decision to let Bernazard go was made after looking into the fight incident as well as a human resources investigation that was already underway. The HR investigation found multiple "inter-personal communications that were against what the organization believes in."

But perhaps the most shocking part of the press conference was when Omar Minaya claimed that the News' Rubin previous lobbied himself, Bernazard and other people within the Mets organization for a position within its player development department. Later during the press conference, Rubin actually asked Minaya about the accusation, saying that it was "despicable" that he would say that. Awkward!

Update: Rubin was (naturally) interviewed after the press conference. He admitted to having asked Jeff Wilpon how one gets into the business, implying it was a general question about how one gets into any field (Rubin said he's asked other teams' officials the same question), the way someone might ask him how one gets into journalism. Rubin also emphasized that he never asked Minaya for a job, adding, "I’m floored. I don’t know how I’m going to cover the team now… To make this type of accusation is obscene.”

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman said on SNY that Rubin (and Heyman added he's had issues with Rubin) probably shouldn't have asked the question about getting into the business, but added that it's very different from actively lobbying for a job. Heyman said given Minaya's accusation, he wants to see Rubin's cover letter and resume!