The Mets' midnight firing of manager Willie Randolph and two other coaches continues to piss off various parties. The Post uses a little bit of Photoshop magic to place a knife in new manager Jerry Manuel's hand--aimed right at Randolph's back--for today's back cover.

Some fans in Syosset sent Mets owner Fred Wilpon a box containing five raw chickens (not on ice, either) plus their season tickets. The fans are Georgi Vodka owner Martin Silver and his employees; Silver explained to Newsday, "The chickens portray [the Mets management] are chickens. The more they smell, the better." And those tickets are no small thing: They are four box seats located three rows up from third base.

As for Randolph, he spoke to reporters outside his NJ home yesterday, "My heart is still with this team. I'm just disappointed I won't be the one to lead them. It's a real numbing kind of feeling. You've been in baseball all your life, and now you have to start thinking of the reality that, at least for the near future, you are [just] a regular Joe."