2008_09_judd.jpgA fan is suing the Mets because he did not get the premium seating he was hoping for on his season tickets for next year. Season ticket holder and celebrity lawyer Judd Burstein says that last year he had reserved "premium seats" at Citi Field similar to the ones he has now on field level along the first base line. But like they did to Fernando Tatis before him, the Mets told Burstein that they are going to need him in the outfield next year--sitting in the upper deck. He says that the team "banished him to the Siberia of the top of the left field bleachers [of Citi Field]." Even though Citi Field will have about 15,000 less seats than Shea, it actually has 7,000 more field level seats, meaning after reserving his seats, "(the Mets) took money and then allowed thousands of others to jump the line," as Burstein puts it. Burstein is suing for compensatory and punitive damages saying the Mets "picked the wrong person to cheat."