Sigh, the Mets: when they're not busy offending American Indian groups, they're probably making little children weep (and/or alienating their best player). The latest embarrassment for the team: a former senior vice president for ticket sales is suing the club, claiming she was discriminated against for becoming pregnant...out of wedlock.

Leigh Castergine, who was hired in 2010 and rose to become the Mets' first female senior VP, claims in her lawsuit that her career hit the warning track when she became pregnant in the fall of 2013: "From the time Castergine announced her pregnancy in September 2013...[team co-owner Jeff Wilpon] began to humiliate Castergine and disparage her in front of colleagues," the suit reads.

Wilpon allegedly "became fixated on the idea that Castergine would have a child without being married. He frequently humiliated Castergine in front of others by, among other insults, pretending to see if she had an engagement ring on her finger and openly stating in a meeting of the team's all-male senior executives that he is 'morally opposed' to Castergine 'having this baby without being married,'" the lawsuit alleges.

In one team meeting about potentially accepting electronic cigarette ads at Citi Field, Wilpon allegedly said he was as opposed to e-cigarette ads "as I am to Leigh having this baby without being married."

Castergine, 33, also claims that Wilpon promised her bigger bonuses once she was married; but after she complained to the team’s human resources chief about how she was being treated, she was allegedly told "something had changed" after the birth of her child, she was no longer as "aggressive" as she used to be, and she was fired.

Castergine argues it had nothing to do with being "aggressive," instead blaming the organization for overpriced tickets, trading away or failing to re-sign players, and insulting players who were there. She said selling Mets tickets was like selling "deck chairs on the Titanic or tickets to a funeral."

In response to the lawsuit, the Mets said in a statement: "We have received and reviewed the complaint. The claims are without merit. Our organization maintains strong policies against any and all forms of discrimination."