2008_07_keithh.jpgAccording to sources on the Mets' flight to St. Louis, shortstop Jose Reyes confronted beloved former player Keith Hernandez over remarks Hernandez made on SNY about Reyes.

Last Sunday, Hernandez criticized Reyes throwing his glove after committing an error during the Yankees-Mets game (which the Mets eventually won) saying Reyes had to "get over that. Enough babying going on now. He's a grown man. He's been around a long enough time. Take off the kid gloves." Which then meant Reyes' friends and family told him about it.

Reyes spoke to the Post, "I was mad at myself because I make an error in that situation. It makes me mad, because [Hernandez] played the game, too. He knows it is not an easy game. And he knows when you make an error, you are supposed to feel bad." While some people on the flight think the pair almost came to blows, both Reyes and Hernandez deny that it got heated. Hernandez said, "We had a conversation. 'Confront' is not the word."

Still, Mets manager Jerry Manuel wants to work with Reyes. Manuel acknowledged Reyes can be "flatfooted" when hits go by but infield coach Sandy Alomar Jr. is working on it with him.