2008_12_krod.jpgAfter watching lead after lead disintegrate last season, the Mets front-office has long said that addressing their bullpen would be an offseason priority. If reports are true, the brass has treated it as such. Francisco Rodriguez and the Mets appear close to a three-year deal, according to SI.com's Jon Heyman. Reports say it will be worth three years and $37 million. The good news? That's less than the five-year deals that fueled speculation earlier this offseason. Rodriguez is not old and three years at that rate is a steal. Mariano Rivera is making $45 million over three seasons, and he is 39, not the 27 Rodriguez will be in January. Mets fans need to remember, however, that Rodriguez is not the best closer in baseball. He also hasn't gone more than one inning in a regular season game since 2007.