Mets ace Johan Santana was accused in a police report last year of sexual battery, according to documents unearthed by TMZ today. The two time Cy Young award winner wasn't prosecuted, since detectives did not believe there was enough evidence to pursue the case.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, the alleged incident occurred last October in Ft. Myers, Florida. The unnamed accuser claims she and Santana were walking on the golf course when he "began to kiss her and pull up her top, unclasping her bra...Johan began to pull at [the accuser's] skirt/skort and attempt [sic] to place his hands into her underwear." According to the document the alleged victim "told Johan no multiple times but Johan persisted." The accuser claims they had sex, in which Santana grabbed and bruised her calf, and "ejaculated on her upper thigh." She then claims she "cleaned her thigh with her underwear," and walked back to the tennis court with Santana, "and continued to sit at the tennis courts as Johan played tennis with another person,"

Police collected the clothing, and DNA evidence confirmed there had been intercourse, but prosecutors were not convinced there was a case: "There was not enough evidence to prove lack of consent, the alleged victim's statement is not consistent with other witnesses," the prosecutor concluded in the police report. According to a representative of Santana today, "Johan denied the charges and was never charged with anything. As far as the law enforcement side of this goes, the case is closed."