Everyone hates falling asleep on the train and waking up in Coney Island, except of course people who live in Coney Island, who invariably wake up in Inwood. (This is how life works.) But a new app, MetroNap, aims to keep straphangers from ever missing their stop again.

Here's the system: MetroNap allows passengers to enter their subway line, starting point and destination. The app—which employs "accelerometer" technology to determine whether the train is moving—tracks each stop and vibrates once users have arrived at their stop.

MetroNap is a novel idea, but how useful is it, really? Subway naps are often unplanned events—one minute you're just practicing peaceful meditation on a packed A train, and the next, you awake to find the car completely empty save for you and one man, seated eight inches away from you staring hungrily at your bag. How did this happen? How long have you been asleep? The other instance is drunkenness, and no meek little phone vibration is powerful enough to interrupt Booze Slumber.

Still, for those who do have the wherewithal to plan their train naps, the app is available for Android. (iPhone users will have to wait.) Also, do not confuse MetroNap the app with this fucking awesome pod thing.

(h/t Daily Intel)