The MTA has officially voted to crack down on Metrocard scammers. These scammers are the guys who sell expired or doctored Metrocards, as well as swipes from an unlimited Metrocard. The MTA had estimated it lost $10 million in revenue from these thieves, revenue it desperately needs, and now the crime has much more severe punishments: 3 months in jail, plus a $500 fine (or a fine twice the amount in lost MTA revenue); previously, the penalty was just 10 days in jail and/or a $25 fine. This comes as the MTA finds that Metrocards are more popular than ever, with revenue coming in $2 million under what they expected - even after the fare increase for unlimited cards.

An unexpected victim of this news is CBS reporter Arthur Chi'en: While reporting about the story on location, some fools from Opie & Anthony were harassing him. Here's Newsday's delicate description:

The larger of the two men made an obscene gesture. Chi'en stayed composed for several seconds as they appeared to taunt him, but then the reporter asked them what they were doing, using an obscenity.

Though it seemed like he thought cameras were off, was still fired, in this so-scared-of-FCC time. Chi'en only statement was, "I really do regret the whole thing and I apologize if I offended anybody." Now, Gothamist understands that CBS 2 had to reprimand Chi'en, but as he was standing up for himself, Gothamist thinks they acted too hastily. Viva the right to yell back at assholes! Gawker has more links to the f-bomb firing.