2005_11_metrocardmania.GIFWow, not only do vendors offer delicious hot dogs and pretzels, they may also sell Metrocards! Illegaly, that is. The Daily News busts a vendor who sells Metrocards outside of Bellevue, and what's more, these Metrocards are the free ones issued by the hospital to patients so they can get to their appointments. Patients who get the cards trade them for hot dogs and soda (is that according to doctor's orders?). The Daily News asked the vendor if he knew that what he was doing was illegal and Gothamist loved his response: "I know that. Do you think I came to this country yesterday? I know how it works." It's unclear if the MTA police will be cracking down on this vendor.

But in fun Metrocard news, we stumbled upon Professor Putter's Metrocard Tricks and Experiments page. Professor Putter has all sorts of suggestions for your old, expired Metrocards (or the ones that you see on the floor by the swipers), like the Metro Bug and the Metro Shooter. We will totally make the Metrocard Ornament as our Christmas gift to everyone. And the MTA apparently okay'd this book. You can buy it on Amazon.