2006_03_metrocardmachine.jpgWell played, MTA: All the Metrocard vending machines in the city went down during yesterday morning's rush hour. Between 6:52AM and 9:24AM, a computer malfunction prevented straphangers from buying their Metrocards with credit or ATM cards, and people waited on line to buy Metrocards from...gasp - token booth clerks! Gothamist says good luck with finding them, many of the subway entrances we use are converted to Metrocard vending machine and gated entrance swipers only. The Daily News says some people even had to leave the subway stations to retrieve money from home or an ATM in order to buy Metrocards! Aha - not only has the MTA spoiled us, but the consortium of banks and credit card companies has also. One day we dream that we can refill Metrocards online.

Sometimes Gothamist is fortunate enough to have an extra Metrocard with just one ride in our wallet for emergency situations. The only problem is when we use it, we sometimes forget we need a new emergency card. Do you have an emergency Metrocard?